Wrapping up 2016

Dear Friends,

Last year at this time we were celebrating the end of the Ebola crisis - this year we can celebrate a highly effective vaccine. While the acute phase of the crisis is long forgotten by most of the public, the lasting effects on the thousands of Ebola survivors, their families, and the families of over 11,000 victims cannot be ignored. The economic and social impacts may continue to propagate if we do not continue to help support those who's voices cannot be heard. 

Over the past year our organization has continued to evolve and grow working in tandem with the Population Council. In 2016 we gave a second grant to two Sierra Leone based NGOs, Child Welfare Society and MATCOPS, to provide six-months worth of support to make sure the girls in their girls clubs had uniforms, school materials, and most importantly mentors. These are the same two organizations who rapidly mobilized to setup new girls clubs composed of a displaced population in the wake of the Freetown flooding in September 2015. Through your support, those girls clubs in the Mile 6 resettlement community are able to continue operating with access to donated solar lanterns which are helping light the way to safer spaces and better education.


Early in the Ebola crisis we identified the critical of importance of protective and productive technologies for girls. We asked, and you answered. Through your donations we were able to distribute over 120 solar lanterns and we are in the process of collecting data to learn more about the utility, efficacy, adoption, and challenges associated with this type of renewable energy which in and of itself presented us with many questions. 

So this year, through your generosity, we were able to hire an outstanding intern to help us grapple with the the dearth of information on about intersection of green technologies and girls. Her goal was to cull the literature to help us gain a stronger understanding of the benefits, issues, and challenges of green technology (including, but not limited to, solar energy) to improve the livelihoods of adolescent girls. Our suspicions were confirmed - there is very little evidence of research at this intersection. We are pleased to share with you, what we consider, the first literature review of its kind to focus on illuminating the evolution of green technology and gender and more specifically it's application in the adolescent girl arena. YOU helped us pursue this endeavor and the results continue to affirm the need to learn more about how green technologies can empower a girl, grow social capital, and build her assets. Click to download the full report: Giving Girls the Green Light: A Literature Review of Adolescent Girls and Clean Energy Technologies

As we charge into 2017 many uncertainties stand before us, including the incoming administration. But one thing is certain, your donation. Any funds we obtain help directly support girl clubs, procure technology, advance thought leadership, and allow us to be a quick and nimble vehicle with little to no operating costs.

Your contributions are invaluable. Please consider us for your end of the year giving. Click here to donate now or to send us an email if you would like to mail us a check. 

The FoSLAGN Board+
(Judith, Jonathan, Jody, George, Ruth, Philippe, Chernor, Stephanie, and Barbara)